Application of the peristaltic pump--Seed coating technology

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Seed coating

Seed coating is a post-treatment technology that can greatly improve seed quality in seed processing. Usually, by mechanical or manual methods, seed coating agents containing pesticides, fungicides, compound fertilizers, trace elements, plant growth regulators, release agents, and film-forming agents are evenly coated on the seed surface to form a smooth and firm film. With the germination, germination, emergence, and growth of seeds, the effective components in the coating are gradually absorbed by plant roots and transmitted to all parts of seedling plants, so that seeds and seedlings can play a role in the control of seeds and soil carriers and underground and aboveground pests. The micro fertilizer in the film can give full play to its effect before the base fertilizer borrows force. Therefore, the growth of coated seeds in the seedling stage is vigorous, the leaf color is thick and green, the root system is developed, and the plant is robust, so as to achieve the goal of increasing production and income.
High-quality seeds are closely related to the exact dosage of seed dressing agent.
The operation of a typical seed coating machine has been standardized, and each process is continuous from seed feeding, through a measured liquid or powder, and after coating product discharge.
In the steps of seed spraying with seed dressing agent, precise control should be carried out according to the adjustment range of seed ratio and the suitable crop species, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate coating and effectively improve the quality of the coating.

Application of the peristaltic pump--Seed coating technology


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