Application of the peristaltic pump--spectrograph

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Spectrometer introduction: according to the substance of the spectrum to identify and determine the chemical composition and relative content of method called spectral analysis, because it has much other analysis method incomparable advantages: high sensitivity, good selectivity, easy to operate, fast, strong anti-interference ability, good accuracy, and rapid development of the spectrometer has become an important analysis laboratory equipment, widely used in air pollution, water pollution, food hygiene inspection, metal industry, etc. Spectrometers usually consist of five parts: light source, sample processing system, wavelength selector, detector, and signal processing system. The sample treatment system is developed from a simple sample rack, and the sample injection method is developed from manual sample injection to automatic sample injection, providing the accurate and stable sample, reagent addition, and waste liquid discharge, so as to obtain accurate test results.
1. Chuangrui peristaltic pump product has good sealing performance, flow range-wide, with a strong self-priming ability and stability, when the transmission fluid, fluid contact with hose, only to avoid fluid generate secondary pollution in the process of transmission, by selecting the corrosion resistance of the hose can be used to transport all kinds of corrosive fluids, by selecting resistant hose can be used in the transmission of abrasive fluid. Peristaltic pump products have a variety of control methods, easy to integrate with the system control, real-time completion of intermittent flow sampling, and effusion discharge functions. By changing hoses, the same pump can be used to transfer different fluids, avoiding cross-contamination between fluids. The peristaltic pump has lower shear action and is more suitable for transporting sensitive and easily damaged samples.
2. Chuangrui Industrial injection pump products have high liquid transmission precision, and the liquid only comes into contact with the closed pipeline and the inner wall of the syringe, so as to avoid secondary contamination of the liquid in the process of transmission and ensure the accuracy of test results.

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