Application of the peristaltic pump--Tissue perfusion

Keywords:peristaltic pump, Tissue perfusion
Tissue perfusion

Pumping and distributing media, buffer solutions, or other liquids is a common task performed in all laboratories. Ensuring that liquids are transferred with high precision and remain free of contamination is a key challenge in using pumps to treat liquids. The peristaltic pump is a kind of precise fluid transmission and treatment equipment. Due to its characteristics of high flow control accuracy, simple operation, low shear force, and avoiding cross-contamination between liquids, the peristaltic pump has been widely used in the laboratory.
During tissue irrigation, Chuangrui peristaltic pump is generally used in conjunction with electrophysiological devices to pump oxygen-containing culture medium to isolated tissues or organs, so that relevant experiments can be carried out smoothly. The peristaltic pump can be adjusted and controlled by setting irrigation mode, irrigation speed, and irrigation flow rate, etc., to adapt to different research requirements and organizational construction requirements.
The figure is a schematic diagram of the tissue irrigation system. The peristaltic pump delivers the irrigation fluid containing oxygen to the switching valve, and the appropriate irrigation fluid is selected by the switching valve for input into the irrigation tank. The isolated tissues/organs in the irrigation tank maintain a good physiological state under the action of the irrigation fluid, and the liquid after the irrigation is discharged out of the irrigation tank through the peristaltic pump. An electrode needle is attached to an isolated tissue or organ for recording electrophysiological responses.

Application of the peristaltic pump--Tissue perfusion

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