syringe pump used in monitoring of metal ions

Keywords:syringe pump, monitoring of metal ions
monitoring of metal ions

The pretreated water sample is injected into the UV digestion reactor by a syringe pump to react with strong acid reagents, dissolve all the special forms in the water, then adjust the pH value of the solution, and then add a reducing agent to reduce the iron to the value, and then Add a characteristic developer to develop the color reaction. Within the measurement range, the degree of color change is proportional to the concentration of total iron in the water sample. By measuring the degree of color change, the content of total iron in the water sample can be calculated.
By acidification with a strong acid, all forms of iron are converted into soluble iron ions, after adding other masking ions to adjust the pH value of the solution and finally adding a characteristic color reagent to measure the content of iron ions in surface water and industrial wastewater.
System Features:
Ultraviolet digestion technology shortens the total iron determination time, and a single measurement takes about 10min
The water sample pretreatment device adopts a maintenance-free design, which can ensure that the maintenance period of the pretreatment device exceeds half a year
Micro-injection technology ensures low reagent consumption
Fully automatic operation, no personnel on duty, can realize intelligent functions such as automatic zero adjustments, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, automatic protection, and automatic recovery
Online monitoring methods are diversified, which can realize manual measurement at any time, automatic timing measurement, automatic periodic measurement, etc.

syringe pump used in monitoring of metal ions
Advantages of syringe pump:
The syringe pump is used. The syringe pump is characterized by a long service life. There are no aging parts such as pump tubes. The service life of the syringe pump can accompany the life of the instrument. You only need to replace the syringe once a year.

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