Peristaltic metering pump used in ion chromatography

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Ion chromatography

Ion chromatography (IC) is a method that uses the principle of ion exchange to continuously separate, characterize, and quantify coexisting multiple anions or cations. When analyzing cations, the separation column is filled with a low-capacity cation exchange resin, and hydrochloric acid solution is used as the eluent.
Peristaltic metering pump used in ion chromatography
Especially suitable for the determination of low concentration anions in aqueous solutions, such as drinking water quality analysis, high purity water ion analysis, mineral water, rainwater, various wastewater and power plant water analysis, pulp and bleach analysis, food analysis, biological fluid And blood, etc.), and applications in the iron and steel industry, environmental protection, etc. Ion chromatography can determine the following types of ions: organic anions, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, heavy metals, rare earth ions and organic acids, as well as amines and ammonium salts. Typical ion chromatography application examples
The advantages of peristaltic metering pump:
No pollution: the fluid only touches the pump tube, not the pump body
Low shear force: conveys shear sensitive and corrosive fluids
Good sealing: good self-priming ability, can be idling, can prevent backflow

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