Peristaltic pump based liquid vial filling line

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Vial filling line

Chuangrui peristaltic pump application liquid vial filling line. Assist safe and efficient filling

Vial linkage line: It is composed of QCL series vertical ultrasonic bottle washer, ASMR tunnel type hot air circulation sterilization oven, KGF series vial liquid filling and stoppering machine, and can also be used as a stand-alone machine It is used for the production of water bottles with 2-25ml specifications. Able to complete spray water injection, ultrasonic rough washing, bottle outer wall water washing, bottle inner wall continuous two-cycle water washing, one blowing, one freshwater washing, continuous second blowing, continuous bottle blowing, preheating, drying off There are more than twenty procedures such as depyrogenation, cooling, pre-inflation, filling, post-inflation and stoppering.

Peristaltic pump based liquid vial filling line
【Detailed description】
◆ The bottle washer adopts manipulator to clamp the bottles, which is suitable for various specifications of vials;
◆ The bottle washing adopts the reciprocating tracking insertion method of water and gas spray needle, which has a good cleaning effect and saves energy. Equipped with a needle holder anti-shake device to improve the accuracy of the injection needle into the bottle and reduce the occurrence of needle breakage;
◆ The entire water gas pipeline and spray needle of the bottle washing is completely separated, which avoids cross-contamination and meets the requirements of GMP regulations;
◆ A buffer block is added before the screw of the bottle washing machine to protect the screw and reduce the effect of broken bottles;
◆ The bottle washing machine adopts an integrated imported synchronous belt to connect the bottle dial block to transport the ampoule, which is stable and reliable;
◆ The oven is heated by hot air circulation with uniform temperature and energy saving;
◆ The oven is equipped with protection against sudden power failure, which is safe for operation;
◆ The oven can be equipped with a circulating water cooling device, which does not consume the air volume of the room, reduces the risk of unbalanced pressure difference in the room, and has a good cooling effect;
◆ The oven can be equipped with a pressure differential automatic balance adjustment system to reduce a series of problems such as high-temperature offset caused by the pressure difference imbalance between the room and the oven, and the temperature increase in the filling and washing room;
◆ The oven is equipped with DOP detection interface (including wind pressure, wind speed, dust particle detection port);
◆ The cooling section of the oven can be equipped with sterilization function (FDA );
◆ Oven mesh belt can bring ultrasonic and CIP online cleaning system;
◆ The inner cavity of the oven can be washed by ***, multi-angle high-pressure water;
◆ The filling machine adopts the horizontal synchronous belt bottle transport mode, with high speed, accurate bottle separation, and convenient replacement of specifications;
◆ There is a certain distance between the transportation plane where the bottom of the bottle is located and the work surface, which is conducive to the passage of 100-level laminar wind flow and prevents turbulent pollution of the liquid medicine;
◆ The plugging part of the filling machine adopts a horizontal feed plug and horizontal disc suction plug, which has the characteristics of convenient observation, convenient feeding, and high-speed plug feed.
High precision; the structure of the pump adopts a quick-connect disassembly mechanism, which is convenient for cleaning, disinfection, and filling of the peristaltic pump. It has high precision and a wide adjustment dose range.

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