Application of tube and hose pump in spectrophotometer analysis

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When analyzing large quantities of liquid samples with an uv-visible spectrophotometer, using a traditional colorimetric dish can be a hassle.Because when each sample is replaced for testing, the previous sample should be emptied after the sample tank is taken out first, then washed with distilled water, and then poured into the new sample for testing.When the sample size is small, this traditional method is still feasible, if the sample size is large, it is more troublesome.
The application of tube and hose pump in spectrophotometer analysis can effectively solve the problems of sample transmission and repeated cleaning:
(1) pull the wrench of the peristaltic pump hose forward to make the suction hose of the peristaltic pump in the tension state;Cover the top cover of the sample room.
(2) insert the cleaning liquid into the suction pipe, press the cleaning key, the tube and hose pump starts to turn, the cleaning liquid is sucked into the flow pool and then drained away from the drain pipe;The cleaning time is decided by the operator, as long as the release of the cleaning button, the cleaning will stop.
(3) insert the sample solution into the pipette, press the pipette switch, and the tube and hose pump starts to turn;When the sample is inhaled for about 1 ml, the peristaltic pump stops rotating. At this time, the circulation pool has been filled with samples of about 0.8 ml, and the instrument begins to perform measurement.
When the test is over, if the test sample needs to be recovered, press the return key.The original sample injected into the flow pool can then be reversely transferred to the sample bottle.If there is no need to recycle the original sample.At this point you can insert the suction pipe into the cleaning fluid, and then press the cleaning key to flush the flow pool.
(4) continue to test the next sample according to the previous step.Repeat the test until the sample is tested.

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