Hose and tube pump applied to spray drying machine for attention

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Hose and tube pump

Hose and tube pump has the same capacity of two-way flow;No damage will be caused to any part of the pump in the case of no liquid empty operation;Can produce up to 98% vacuum;And peristaltic pump pollution-free, fluid only contact with the pump pipe or hose material, not contact with the pump body, high volume efficiency, suitable for high-precision requirements of metering or batching applications.Customizable configuration, easy to use, with low device maintenance.
Matters needing attention when Hose and tube pump is applied to spray dryer:
1. The sample of spray dryer can be liquid, emulsion, suspension, paste, colloidal liquid and so on.That is to say, the general Hose and tube pump can transfer most of the liquid.
2. The nozzle of the spray dryer is 0.7mm. If the sample is roughly prepared, use the homogenizer to break it up and then filter it.
3. Don't worry about the precipitation phenomenon after the solution is ready. Most spray dryers are equipped with standard magnetic stirring devices.
Four, if there is a magnetic, metal powder containing a high ratio must be ground into a fine powder, or when the Hose and tube pump sample, easy to block the pump pipe.
Chuangrui precision pump focus on peristaltic pump, syringe pump, hose pump, tube pump, since 2006. No contamination, low maintenance needs.

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