Application of peristaltic pump in filling equipment

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Peristaltic pump filling

With the development of technology, peristaltic pumps play an increasingly important role in people's production and life. As a precision instrument, peristaltic pumps can not only transmit / fill liquids alone, but also can be used with other equipment, such as: Filling machine.
The advantages of peristaltic pumps to work with filling machine
1, no pollution: the liquid only contacts the pump tube, does not touch the pump body;
2, high precision: good repeatability and high stability;
3, low shear: is the ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and corrosive fluids;
4, good sealing: with good self-priming ability, can be idling, can prevent backflow;
5, simple maintenance: no valves and seals
There are many types of peristaltic pumps and they are widely used. Filling machine chooses different types of peristaltic pumps according to different filling liquids and filling scales

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