Peristaltic pump is used for transfer and filling of butter

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peristaltic pump,It can be widely used in the transmission and filling of viscous fluids, especially in the catering industry with high hygiene level requirements, with strong functional advantages.

SG600FC Multiple control mode:Flexible control mode: with touch screen, key and external control mode, convenient for users to choose to use;
Multiple pump heads :The pump can install a variety of pump heads:YZ35-13、YZ35 series, BZ series, can be in series to meet different flow requirements;
Double working mode:Transmission mode+filling mode; one-button switching of transmission and filling operation interface, making transmission and filling smarter and more convenient,
Peristaltic pump is used for transfer and filling of butter
Chuangrui SG600C-Intelligent dispensing peristaltic pumps:
                                                                                                  * Drive Model: SG600FC
                                                                                                  * Pump Head  :YZ35-13  YZ35
                                                                                                  * Speed range : 0.1-600 rpm(reversible)
                                                                                                  * Flow range : 1.3-12000 ml/min
                                                                                                  * Max channels :2
                                                                                                  * Remote control : optional
                                                                                                  * Foot pedal : optional

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