What are the advantages of using a peristaltic pump to supply glue on a palming machine

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Peristaltic pump in the application of palming machine, the most important role is to be able to be efficient and accurate palming machine in the jointing label when the need for automatic transmission of adhesive water to the designated position.
If high speed hand closing machine needs to use viscose when joining labels, then the conveying of viscose is a problem. The gluing method previously adopted has the following problems:
1, glue liquid contact parts, easy to pollute the machine, not easy to clean.
2. The transfer of glue solution is uneven, and the amount of glue is not easy to control.
3. The gluing process is troublesome and the debugging is inconvenient.
The peristaltic pump is used for glue supply. Only the pump pipe contacts the glue, and the bonding process of the label is clean and pollution-free.The peristaltic pump runs stably, which can continuously and accurately convey the glue to the parts that need to be coated, which can effectively solve the problems existing when the label is coated with the palming machine.
Notes for peristaltic pump application in palming machine: 
1.Glue is a very viscous liquid, to use a slightly thicker wall peristaltic pump hose.
2. Appropriate use of a slightly larger internal diameter peristaltic pump hose to further reduce the rotation speed of peristaltic pump.        
3. Reduce the speed of peristaltic pump as far as possible, usually within 50rpm. 
4. Regularly check and replace the pump pipe in advance to prevent the rupture of the pump pipe. 
5. When choosing peristaltic pump, try to choose the peristaltic pump head which can resist glue and corrosion as well as good strength.The driver shall select peristaltic pump with flow display function and correction function.
6. Inlet and outlet hoses of peristaltic pump should be as short as possible. 
7. Please pay attention to prevent the clogging of the glue mouth

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