Peristaltic pump is used for toner transfer of printer

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Peristaltic pump is powered by air pressure to transport liquid, not only ordinary liquid and granular liquid, but also air.In some cases.

peristaltic pumps can also deliver pure solid material.First, the solid material must meet several requirements before it can be transported through the peristaltic pump: 
1. The solid to be transferred must have natural tightness, that is to say, in the natural state, the solid to be transferred in any section of the hose has air tightness or very low air leak rate, which requires the solid must be in the state of fine powder.
2. The solids to be transferred must be self-lubricating. If the friction between the transmitted solids is relatively large, it is easy to form a tight accumulation of solids, resulting in the blockage of the transmission pipeline.
3. Since the fluidity of solid material is far less than that of conventional liquid, the solid to be transmitted should also meet the condition of low density, so as to minimize the transmission resistance of solid and avoid the accumulation and blockage of solid.

Daily use of printer toner is to meet the above three conditions, so peristaltic pump can be applied to toner transmission.
There are some differences between toner and liquid transport:
Transfer toner, toner must be loose dry state, can not have hard block;
Peristaltic pump suction and lift; head of delivery should be as short as possible, especially the suction position, which is conducive to the transfer of toner;
The hose used by peristaltic pump should use the hose with thicker wall and larger inner diameter as far as possible.
The operation speed of peristaltic pump should not be too fast, or it will produce a large compression force on the toner, easy to get stuck;
Peristaltic pump pump head pressure than the transfer of liquid to be a little less.

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