Peristaltic pump is used in the filling of drug ins

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filling of drug ins

In the bottling process, ins can be produced and filled by high-precision distributed peristaltic pump. In the packaging process, we should pay attention to the following points: all accessories in contact with liquid medicine must be sanitary and non-toxic;High filling accuracy, small error, small pulse;Batch treatment of liquid medicine has high stability.Can work continuously.
Customer's actual requirements:
Filling liquid: ins
Filling times: 60 bottles per minute
Filling flow: 5ml/ bottle
Accuracy error: < ± 0.5%
Chuangrui products:
Peristaltic pump: SG600FC distributed high-precision peristaltic pump - 6 channels customized;
Pump head: lp25-6 pump head -6 groups in series, 2-5ml filling volume, recommended 3.2*2.4 tubes;
Hose: 3.2*2.4 (inner diameter * wall thickness) silica gel tube.
Simulation experiment:
SG600FC flow range: 1.3 ~ 12000ml/min, external control, high precision, stable operation, can be widely used in multi-channel bulk liquid transmission;
3.2*2.4 silica gel tube : imported silica gel tube, wear resistant and durable, high health level;
Lp25-6 pump head: series, low pulsation, high precision.Support multi-channel operation at the same time, all metal shell, safety and health, in line with medical production health standards.。
We tested the filling accuracy and frequency requirements through the SG600FC single channel filling experiment.
Touch screen operation: set 10 times of filling, complete 5ml filling volume every 0.5 seconds, and complete bottle transfer with the remaining 0.5 seconds (interval time) (note: the running speed and time of empty bottle transfer equipment are subject to reality);
Experimental results: the filling times, filling time and interval time fully meet the production requirements of customers. After calibration, the flow error is controlled within ± 0.5% -- 4.975ml/ bottle ~5.025ml/ bottle.
Filling time: 0.5s
Filling times "10 times
Interval: 0.5s
Final flow: 50.0662ml

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