Application of peristaltic pump in polishing machine

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Application of peristaltic pump

Polishing machine is also known as the grinding machine, often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing, grinding, When grinding, need to match the grinding disc and grinding liquid, polishing, need to use polishing liquid and polishing disc,Polishing pad, polishing cloth, etc.The supply of polishing fluid (grinding fluid) is completed by peristaltic pump.
Application of peristaltic pump in polishing machine
Peristaltic pump is widely used in polishing process of sapphire, electrolyte, solar energy, battery, LCD and other optical precision equipment.
Polishing and grinding process belongs to fine mechanical treatment, while the transmission of polishing fluid (grinding fluid) belongs to low-flow fluid treatment: CR peristatic pump models BT100LC and BT100MH are selected for transfer;Equipped with DG pump head,DG-X/6,DG-X/10,(6 rollers,10 rollers) ,Multiple card channels adjustable.
High precision touch screen peristaltic pump: transmission, timing, ration, timing ration
High precision key adjustment peristaltic pump: flow speed dual mode
Most polishing fluid (grinding fluid) can be transported by CR peristaltic pump:
The special structure of peristaltic pump makes the fluid and pump body strictly separated, the pipeline and pump head can be completely separated, and the pump pipe can be replaced at any time.
1. no pollution
During the process of chemical polishing, CR peristaltic pump only touches the pump pipe and does not touch the pump when transporting polishing fluid. Especially, it does not touch the mechanical transmission mechanism, so as to avoid metal pollution in the polishing process of chemical machinery and not damage the mechanical parts of the pump body due to the corrosiveness of polishing fluid.
2.Since the suction
CR peristatic pump can generate enough vacuum suction, when the polishing fluid is sucked into the hose from the container, it is no longer necessary to put the pump below the liquid source level, making the installation position of the pump more flexible and better integrated with the polishing machine
3.Simple operation
CR peristaltic pump operation is very simple, pump pipeline installation, disassembly, locking can be required at any time as needed, simple control, speed control can be achieved through the speed control knob or operation panel.In addition, according to different flow requirements, can also be in series pump head, achieve multi-channel supply of polishing fluid.

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