What industries are filling systems mainly used in? What are the application requirements of filling production?

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What industries are filling systems

What industries are filling systems mainly used in?
Food industry, drug industry, cosmetics industry and other manufacturing enterprises, such as: beer packaging, beverage packaging, ketchup packaging; Packaging of oral liquid, capsule and vaccine; As well as fluid shampoo, washing liquid and so on, can be through the filling system to achieve all kinds of products in bulk filling.
Liquid filling, is an indispensable step in the production industry in the batch packaging, filling peristaltic pump or filling system, is the most important supporting machinery for fluid packaging processing, in small equipment and large workshops can be applied.
Filling peristaltic pump, mainly a certain amount of liquid materials into the packaging container machinery, can be used alone, or integrated use, that is, we usually say the filling system.
The customer's requirements for product filling are as follows:
1.Accuracy and size range of filling capacity
2. Stability of operation
3.Pulsating and shearing forces
4. Is the operation intelligent enough to support automatic production
5.Health level/safety level
6. After-sales service and post-maintenance
7. Simple and efficient operation
Chuangrui peristaltic pump filling system:
GS600 is the most classic model of chuangrui integrated intelligent filling system, which can be widely used in the production and packaging of various industries. The system has the function processing of details, intelligent touch screen operation and diversified supporting choices, which is suitable for | sub-packing of liquid filling of "multi-channel, large quantity, high precision and no pollution".
What industries are filling systems mainly used in? What are the application requirements of filling production?
· the product has a high precision control basis, and the classic YZ series pump head and standard hose are selected to easily achieve precision filling. After setting parameters, the system enters automatic operation, replacing manual operation with high-precision transmission of machinery, making intelligent filling more accurate.
· it has the function of customer data storage, and the commonly used filling mode can keep up to 12 pieces. The double-mode operation of "intelligent touch control + shortcut button" makes it more intelligent and convenient;
· the single-channel flow rate is 0.00156~2280ml/min; Support multi-unit (4 channels/unit) combination installation, the same controller extension, up to 16 channels, and each channel is equipped with independent film button and lED digital display function, suitable for all kinds of industry fluid multi-channel, batch processing;
· the body is made of stainless steel, with high sanitary level and high safety index, which meets the production requirements of FDA and GMP, and is suitable for all kinds of medicine and food production filling equipment;
· support external control, RS185 communication protocol, making filling production simpler and safer.

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