Peristaltic pump is used for swelling anesthesia during liposuction

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Anesthesia for swelling of peristalt

Peristaltic pump has a wide application in pharmaceutical production and medical diagnosis industry.
Peristaltic pumps can be used in liposuction to deliver saline during swelling anesthesia.
Advantages of swelling anesthesia:
Good effect, long time, quick postoperative recovery, no drug poisoning and other serious complications during and after operation,The technique of swelling anesthesia is safe, reliable, minimally invasive and easy to recover.
Peristaltic pump is used for swelling anesthesia during liposuction
During liposuction in a certain medical beauty industry, saline should be delivered in the link of swelling anesthesia to ensure the smooth operation. Customers' demand for flow is 2 L /min, and the main fluid is normal saline.
Chuangrui service personnel and marketing personnel of chuangrui have excellent professional skills, and can provide the most appropriate peristaltic pump solutions according to the specific usage scenarios and different flow requirements of customers, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of customers' fluid handling.
Peristaltic pump is used for swelling anesthesia during liposuction
For this case, we have matched the following peristaltic pump products for customers.
Matching products:BT600M Peristaltic pump / YZ1515x pump head
Matching hose:17# 18# 
Special functional requirements: foot switch, pulse control start and stop; Brush to speed only mode;Just keep the speed mode.

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