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peristaltic pump automatic liquid di

With the continuous application of electronic numerical control technology in the production and manufacture of mechanical peristaltic pumps, peristaltic pumps begin to gradually move towards the era of intelligence and automation. In addition to meeting the basic production requirements of liquid transmission, more possibilities begin to be derived.
Intelligent filling, intelligent distribution, intelligent control, no matter in liquid transport precision or use function, peristaltic pump plays a remarkable role.
Have you heard of peristaltic pumps used in automatic dispensing systems?
In most drug research institutes, chemical laboratories for pharmaceutical deployment, staff usually through the manual dispensing to complete dispensing work, relying on some measuring instruments, timing, quantitative repeated manual experiments.Low efficiency and complex process, and some corrosive agents, volatile agents, in the process of mixture, the operator who has been engaged in this process for a long time, has a large hidden damage.At the same time, deviation and error are inevitable artificial phenomena.

Using peristaltic pump in automatic liquid distribution system can effectively solve the above problems.
The automatic liquid dispensing system is mainly composed of the minimum single-chip microcomputer system, peristatic pump driving module, keyboard control module, display module, Liquid medicine box, mixed liquid dispensing box and other parts:
A through the keyboard to complete the setting of various liquid dosage;
B. The display displays the current liquid level;
C peristaltic pump will extract the original liquid to the mixing cabinet for mixing;
D accurate automatic dispensing function.
The peristatic pump is used for automatic liquid dispensing without manual operation, which reduces the labor intensity of experimental staff, improves the conveying precision of liquid ratio, guarantees the high efficiency and completion of the experiment, and guarantees the physical health and safe operation of the experimenters.

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