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Conventional bio-fermentation reactors are fed to the fermentation medium by manual metering and fed during the fermentation. Due to the inevitable error in manual feeding, and the use of manual feeding also wastes a lot of human resources, especially in the fermentation process, it is necessary to continuously feed according to the ratio and time. If the operator is slightly careless, Fermentation failure can result from inaccurate matching or missed timing of optimal feeding.
The peristaltic pump, which is a precision transfer liquid, is a perfect substitute for manual feeding, saving labor costs and improving work efficiency. And can meet the requirements of timely feeding and precise control.


The feeding port of the silicone hose is connected to the feeding bottle, the outlet of the silicone hose is connected to the fermenting tank, and the Chuangrui precision peristaltic pump is located in the middle of the silicone hose. The control terminal of the precision peristaltic pump is connected to the PLC by the programmable controller PLC. Control the operation of precision peristaltic pumps. The automatic peristaltic pump is used for automatic feeding or feeding. The peristaltic pump is capable of calculating the volume and weight of the material flowing through the unit time, and squeezing the hose to allow the liquid to flow for automatic feeding. At the same time, the customer added a programmable controller PLC and connected with the peristaltic pump to the matching ingredients and different feeding time of the medium, which greatly improved the accuracy and timeliness of the addition.

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