Chemical industry production, OEM customized peristatic pump to solve the particularity of fluid

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OEM customized peristatic pump

Peristaltic pump is a kind of constant current pump widely used in various fields and production. No matter it is food and drug filling with higher hygienic requirements or chemical fluid with high viscosity and strong corrosion, it can be easily handled. Chuangrui company has been committed to the production and research of peristaltic pump for more than ten years.Its different types of products with different performance can meet the application needs of many industries.

Different liquid properties and flows provide different references for the selection of peristaltic pumps. For example, in the production of the chemical industry, there are relatively special requirements for the selection of peristaltic pumps.

1. High viscosity fluid with fine solid particles in pumped fluid;
2. Mixed with fibrous materials in the fluid, and certain extrusion pressure is required during shearing;
3. The fluid belongs to acid, alkali and salt with high strength, and is highly corrosive.
4. Substances requiring strict dosage control during transportation.

CR customized OEM peristaltic pump can provide customers with perfect peristaltic pump solutions, customized according to customer requirements, making work more carefree and production more efficient.


CR peristaltic pump advantages:

CR Peristaltic pump are easy to maintenance
replaceable tubes allow you to switch from one liquid to another in the shortest amount of time.
No need to rinse and disassemble after the flushable product, you only need to replace the peristaltic pump tubing
CR Peristaltic pump with high precision
The calibration function can ensure the filling accuracy for each dose .The suckback function prevents liquid (reverse): in the dispense mode, after the end of the direct cycle, the return stroke is initiated to prevent the liquid from flowing out of the pump tube during the stop.
CR peristaltic pump are non-pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube and does not touch the pump body;
CR Peristaltic pump is Versatility
CR peristaltic pump can be used with a variety of products and can be used in a variety of industries.
CR peristasltic pump are easy to work
After the power is turned off and on, the control system maintains the current settings (pump head tubing model and other parameter ).
CR peristaltic pump with good sealing: It has good self-priming ability and can be idling to prevent backflow.
CR peristaltic pump with Low shear: ideal for conveying shear sensitive, aggressive fluids

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