Peristaltic pump in liquid fertilizer application advantages

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liquid fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer machine is an important tool in the development of agriculture in our country. After continuous research and improvement, liquid fertilizer machine has been improved in many ways, increasing the efficiency of agricultural production, but there are still some problems that need to be further improved.
The combination of peristaltic pump and liquid fertilizer application machine can change many problems existing in traditional liquid fertilizer application machine and greatly improve the working efficiency of liquid fertilizer application, especially playing an important role in large area tillage equipment.

In the application of liquid fertilizer machine, it can also be used in pesticide spraying and other aspects, through constant adjustment, to achieve the average spraying of pesticides.
However, in the daily use, it is necessary to pay attention to timely replacement of hoses, so as to ensure the continuous and normal use of peristaltic pump and reduce the work stoppage due to wear and tear caused by mistakes. The use of peristaltic pump in liquid fertilizer machine is of great significance for agricultural development and agricultural production.

Advantages of liquid fertilizer applicator:

It is widely used in large-scale field fertilization.
High power, high sowing efficiency, low fuel consumption, low cost of sowing;
Large medicine cabinet reduces dosing frequency and improves working efficiency;
Weight distribution is relatively average, the pressure on the land is small, no damage to crops;
Spraying performance is excellent, can ensure the uniform spray irrigation of crops.

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