Peristaltic pump, a multi - effect coater automatic feeding device

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Automatic feeding of coater

Nowadays, the printing and packaging industry, coating industry, in the actual production process, to the plate to add coating liquid this process, most or stay in the manual operation of adding liquid.
However, because the manual operation is uncontrollable, the phenomenon of too much or too little addition is inevitable. At the same time, the artificial feeding is prone to problems in time allocation, leading to the unfixed feeding time interval.
Even the phenomenon of repeated addition or non-addition may occur, and the negligence of personnel's work will directly cause product quality problems, leading to frequent quantity of defective products.

In order to overcome the technical shortage of uneven manual feeding quantity and feeding time, the peristalsive pump can be used in the automatic feeding device of coating machine, which can not only realize continuous and uniform feeding, but also reduce the labor burden.
Coating machine automatic feeding device shall include the feeding tray, pump and feeding bucket, feeding bucket outlet connection pump inlet, pump outlet connection feed plate inlet, peristaltic pump flow per minute slightly greater than the coating fluid usage per minute.
The feeding tray is provided with a feeding port connected with the feeding bucket, and the excess coating liquid flows back to the feeding bucket through the feeding port, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous and uniform feeding and improve the coating quality of the product;Avoid the error of manual operation, improve the safety of field work and reduce the labor burden.
Apply peristaltic pump coating:

1, can achieve ultra-thin micron coating;
2, can achieve continuous coating, intermittent coating;
3, anilox roller can be printed according to customer requirements, combination to achieve various coating thickness requirements;
4. Closed material box design to ensure consistency of slurry;
5, modular structure, can switch other coating mode;
6. Peristaltic pump feeding device shall be provided;

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