Peristaltic pumps are used for liquid transfer and feed in in-line mixing systems

Keywords:peristaltic pump,On line hybrid system
On line hybrid system

The in-line mixing system can mix various solid particles and colloids in the liquid, and inject different liquids into the mixer, such as paint and food.
Mixers are also used in agitator reactors, bioreactors, fermenters, crystallizers, and solid melting and phase transitions.If there are no other restrictions on mixing conditions, such as shear sensitivity, the aim of mixing is to produce a uniform mixture effectively in terms of time and power consumption.
In order to reduce the labor intensity of operating room workers, many factories began to propose the use of peristaltic pump feed.The application of peristaltic pump in the reaction process of mixed liquid has obvious application characteristics and advantages, indicating the feasibility of the application of peristaltic pump in the process of chemical reaction and liquid mixing.However, according to the different corrosion materials, it is necessary to choose hose material to transport liquid.

Peristaltic pump is widely used in liquid transport and chemical dosing, and fluid is only transported through the hose of peristaltic pump, which can effectively prevent liquid pollution.
Low shear force: ideal for conveying shear sensitive, corrosive and fluid
Good sealing performance: good self-priming ability, can idle, prevent backflow
Simple maintenance: replace peristaltic pump hose, low maintenance cost
Peristaltic pump is your ideal choice: precision/timing/quantitative/liquid transfer

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