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Peristaltic pump feed

Flotation and dressing
Flotation refers to the use of a large number of bubbles can produce surfactant - foaming agent.When air enters the water or air enters the water due to the agitation of water, the hydrophobic end of the surfactant is oriented towards the air side of the bubble in the gas-liquid interface, and the hydrophilic end is still in the solution, forming bubbles.
Another trapping surfactant (usually cationic surfactant, but also aliphatic amine) is adsorbed on the surface of solid mineral powders.This kind of adsorption has certain selectivity with different mineral properties. The basic principle is to use crystal lattice defects on the surface of the crystal to insert part of the hydrophobic end into the bubble, so that the bubble may take the specified mineral powder away in the flotation process to achieve the purpose of mineral dressing.
Chuang rui peristaltic dosing pump is widely used in mining and metallurgy industry/flotation industry, which can transport liquid with particles or high viscosity.
Work advantage


High sealing:Good self-priming ability, idling, preventing backflow
high precision:Accurate dosage, high dosage accuracy, suitable for micro dosage
High benefit:Reduce labor cost and increase production efficiency/efficiency
Low shear force:It is an ideal tool for transporting shear sensitive and erosive fluids
Maintenance is simple:No valves and seals, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.
ball mill
conveying equipment
flotation equipment
Dosing equipment
filter plant
direct flotation:Add multiple drugs (4-6), one dosing point
reverse flotation:Add  a kind of  drug,different dosing points

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