Glue transfer peristaltic pump

palm machine

The peristaltic pump plays the role of automatic and precise transfer of glue in the glue added to the palm machine. The Chuangrui brand's fully automatic glue peristaltic pump solves the problem of previous rotor transfer coating.
The advantages of the peristaltic pump in transferring the glue in the palm machine are as follows: The glue is only transmitted through the hose, does not touch the pump body, prevents the pump body from being contaminated, and the pump tube is easy to be washed and replaced; the peristaltic pump is driven by the stepping motor and can control the peristaltic pump The rotation speed is used to adjust the amount of glue applied, and the amount of glue is accurate; the outer casing of the peristaltic pump head is made of PPS material, and the roller is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance.
Precautions in the selection of dispensing peristaltic pump:
1. If the viscosity of the glue is very high, it is recommended to select a hose with a thick wall thickness, such as 15# and 24# hoses for use with the YZ2515x pump head.
2, the speed of the peristaltic pump should not be too high, to ensure the stability of the glue transmission.
Precautions for dispensing and peristaltic pump in installation and use:
1. The distance between the glue inlet and the glue outlet of the peristaltic pump should be as short as possible within 1 meter. Because the viscosity of the glue is relatively large, the influence of suction and lift on the flow will be relatively large. This operation can effectively ensure the amount of glue.
2, because the working principle of the peristaltic pump is to squeeze the hose through the roller to make the liquid flow, the hose will wear out during the extrusion process, after the worker is powered off, periodically check and periodically replace the peristaltic pump tube to prevent the soft If the tube is damaged, the leaking glue will contaminate the pump body, resulting in damage to the pump body.
3, Regularly check the rubber inlet to prevent the glue from drying out or foreign matter, etc., and the rubber inlet is blocked.

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