laboratory testing of a lithium mining process with peristaltic pump


In the continuous development of the mining industry, the small instrument of peristaltic pump plays an increasingly important role in precise dosing.

The peristaltic pump can ensure the accuracy of the flotation agent addition during the mining flotation process, reduce the artificial dosing control error, and make the flotation dosing process automatic and intelligent.
The advantages of the peristaltic pump dosing are as follows:
(1) High precision with an error of about 0.5%.
(2) Each pump of the peristaltic pump has its own 4-LED display, which can display the flow or speed of the pump on site.
(3) Adding the agent linearly, the flowing agent is a silk stream or like a drip, and the agent is uniformly added in real time, which is beneficial to the stability of the flotation process.
(4) The system has low failure rate and low maintenance cost. The drug delivery pipeline adopts imported materials, and only needs to replace a small pump head delivery tube regularly.
Basic parameters
Metering range: 3-12000ml/min

Advantage of CR peristaltic pump 

Reasonable price, does not affect the accuracy of the dose

Easy maintenance, replaceable tubes allow you to switch from one product to another in the shortest amount of time.
No need to rinse and disassemble after the flushable product, you only need to replace the peristaltic pump tubing
Peristaltic pump with high precision
The suckback function prevents liquid (reverse): in the dispense mode, after the end of the direct cycle, the return stroke is initiated to prevent the liquid from flowing out of the pump tube during the stop.
This peristaltic pump dispenser can be used with a variety of products and can be used in a variety of industries.
Easy to work
After the power is turned off and on, the control system maintains the current settings (pump head and hose, time and fill).
The principle of operation is based on the fact that the roller squeezes the liquid in the pump tube and the liquid moves along the roller, pushing the liquid forward. Only the hose (silicone tube) is in contact with the medium being transported, thus avoiding mutual contamination of the fluid and the pump.
Chuangrui peristaltic pumps are used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. The body is made of stainless steel AISI 304, which provides a corrosion-resistant casing and is easy to clean.

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