Application of peristaltic pump in chromatography and purification filtration


Application of peristaltic pump in chromatography and purification filtration
Chuangrui peristaltic pump provides continuous and stable liquid and positive pressure for small filtration/purification devices in sample pre-treatment or small-scale and pilot-scale production in scientific research laboratories to accurately control liquid volume and speed;
Common devices such as disc filters, tangential flow ultrafiltration systems, chromatography columns, protein purification columns, solid phase extraction cartridges, etc.;
Some devices need to automatically control the peristaltic pump input pressure to protect the filter membrane
The peristaltic pump itself has a pressure-adaptive function that provides stable and accurate liquid delivery while meeting the maximum pressure.
 Chromatography is generally referred to as chromatography. It is a kind of mixture separation technology and has a wide range of applications in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. Chromatography utilizes the difference in physicochemical properties of the components in the mixture to separate and measure the multi-component mixture. According to the chromatographic mechanism, it can be divided into adsorption chromatography, partition chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, gel filtration chromatography and the like. According to the operation form, it can be divided into column chromatography, paper chromatography, thin layer chromatography and the like.
    Filtration is primarily used to remove particulate matter or other suspended matter from the fluid. There are two main types of filtration mechanisms, one based on the size of the particles, such as interception, screening and surface capture. The other is adsorption, ie the particles adhere to the filter under chemical/charge. Filters are generally classified into three types: depth filter (primary filter), surface filter (intermediate filter), and membrane filter (deep filter). Membrane filters are further divided into microfiltration (sterilization, particle removal), ultrafiltration (macromolecule separation), nanofiltration (small molecule separation) and the like. In order to ensure the effect of impurity filtration or substance separation, it is required to add a relatively stable flow rate and pressure to the filter and the column when adding the sample and the eluent.
    To ensure the cleanliness level of the product after filtration/chromatography, it is required to avoid secondary contamination of the fluid in the system during the filtration/chromatography process. Peristaltic pumps are ideal for pumping fluids in such processes:
1. The peristaltic pump provides high-precision and stable fluid transfer and maintains stable fluid pressure during transport.
2. When the peristaltic pump transmits fluid, the fluid only contacts the hose, and the hose that meets the hygienic requirements can be selected to avoid secondary pollution of the fluid during transportation. Transfer different fluids and simply replace the hose to avoid cross-contamination between different fluids.
3. The peristaltic pump is suitable for transporting liquids containing solid particles. When used in combination with filters, it can effectively remove particulate matter or other suspended matter from the fluid without damaging the pump body and is easy to maintain.
4. The peristaltic pump has a low shearing force and is not replaceable by other pumps for the low-loss transmission of biologically active substances in the fluid.

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