perfistaltic pump for Laboratory application

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Customer demand
1. During the whole experiment, it is directly in contact with the small mouse. It is necessary to use a soft and thin hose. If the precision is high, the ZS100 can be used.
If the accuracy requirements are not particularly high, the Chuangrui BT100LC series products can be used.
2. The hose adopts imported pharmaceutical grade hose, which has better anti-adsorption capacity and ultra-low spillage, which is more suitable for similar experimental applications.
1. The hose selected for the liquid and solid mixture should be a thicker wall pump.
2. The maximum customer flow requirement is 8L/min. Consider using BG600-S, a Chuangrui industrial product.
3. Full control of external control, you can use the central control system or PLC to directly control the pump's degree, direction and start and stop through analog or rs485.
4. The pump hose can be equipped with original imported hose, and the continuous service life is more than 2000 hours.
Generate value
1. High fluid transmission accuracy:
Chuangrui peristaltic pump BT100LC series products, quantitative accuracy ≤ 2%Laboratory syringe pump stroke control error ≤0.5%
2. It can avoid the cross-contamination of the fluid during the transmission process. When the peristaltic pump and the laboratory syringe pump are used to transport the fluid, the fluid is only in contact with the hose or the syringe. The hose and the syringe are easy to be cleaned and disinfected to meet the hygienic standard requirements.
3. Chuangrui BT100LC products have a variety of working modes to meet the different needs of customers:Quantitative mode: the total amount can be set directly and transmitted at a constant speed
Timing mode: can be set to automatically stop at a constant speed after a certain time
Timing quantification: can directly set a certain amount of delivery in a certain period of time to complete constant current transmission function, this product basically covers all the functions of the peristaltic pump in the industry, the same cost, different functional experience.
4.External control full control products, both products are equipped with rs485 or analog (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA) control, such as the user needs to use external control to control our products, only need to be in the pump Set it yourself, no need to return the product to change the program

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