The advantages of peristaltic pump transfer the acrylic acid

The advantages of peristaltic pump transfer the acrylic acid

The advantages of peristaltic pump transfer the acrylic acid

Acrylic acid is an important organic synthetic raw material and a synthetic resin monomer, and is a vinyl monomer having a very fast polymerization rate. It is the simplest unsaturated carboxylic acid consisting of a vinyl group and a carboxyl group. Pure acrylic acid is a colorless, clear liquid with a characteristic pungent odor. It is miscible with water, alcohol, ether and chloroform and is prepared from propylene obtained from a refinery. Most are used to make acrylates such as methyl acrylate, ethyl ester, butyl ester, and hydroxyethyl ester. Acrylic acid and acrylate can be homopolymerized and copolymerized, and the polymer is used in industrial sectors such as synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, super absorbent resin, building materials and coatings.

The peristaltic pump delivers acrylic acid with the advantages of uniform feeding, accurate metering, convenient adjustment of the addition ratio and improvement of the quality of the finished product; the peristaltic pump generates the flow through the hose extrusion, the solution only flows through the hose, does not contact the pump body, and can effectively prevent the solution corrosion pump. Body, block the pump body.

The suggest model as below :

BT300M  with flow range 0.007-1140 ml/min 
BT600M with flow range 0.007-2280 ml/min
WT600 with max flow 6000 ml/min 
BG600-S with max flow 12000 ml/min 

We will introduce the most suitable pump to you after we get your requirment details .

1, what's flowrate you need ?  ml/min
2, How many channels you need ? 1 / 2 / 3  / 4  ? 
More details will help us to reply you rapidly and accuracy . 
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