CR peristaltic pump for Water treatment

CR peristaltic pump for Water treatment

peristaltic tube pump for Water treatment In recent years, with the continuous advancement of industrialization and urbanization, social and economic development has been rapid, but the pollution problem has become an important problem to be so

peristaltic pump for Water treatment

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of industrialization and urbanization, social and economic development has been rapid, but the pollution problem has become an important problem to be solved, sewage treatment has increasingly become an indispensable part of economic development and water resources protection. Therefore, vigorously developing sewage treatment technology and industrialization level is an important way to prevent water pollution and alleviate the shortage of water resources. Sewage treatment is to make the sewage into a certain water body or reuse of water quality requirements for its purification process. Modern sewage treatment technology is divided into one, two and three levels according to the degree of treatment. The first stage treatment mainly removes solid substances suspended in the sewage and is usually used in physical methods. The two stage treatment mainly removes the colloidal and dissolved organic matter in the sewage. Generally, the effluent treated by secondary treatment can reach the discharge standard. Activated sludge process and biofilm process are commonly used. Three-stage treatment is to further remove some special pollutants, such as phosphorus, nitrogen and biodegradable organic pollutants, inorganic pollutants, pathogens and so on.

CR peristaltic pump ---- An reliable choice

Peristaltic pump is widely used in sewage treatment because of its own characteristics. Safe, accurate and efficient chemical dosage and transport are the objectives of each sewage treatment operation, which requires the design of pumps that can be used to handle the most demanding applications.

The peristaltic pump has a strong self suction capacity and can be used to raise the water level of the sewage to be treated. The peristaltic pump has low shear force and will not destroy the effectiveness of the flocculant when transferring the shear-sensitive flocculant. When a peristaltic pump transfers fluid, the fluid flows only in a hose. When transferring sewage containing mud and sand, the liquid pumped will not touch the pump, only the pump pipe will contact, so there will be no blocking phenomenon. This means that the pump can last a long time, and the same pump can be easily replaced by a pump tube. Used for different fluid transport.

Peristaltic pump has a high accuracy of fluid transmission, which can ensure the accuracy of the added reagents, so that the water quality can be effectively treated without adding too many harmful chemical components. In addition, in a variety of water quality testing and analysis instruments, peristaltic pump will also be used for the transmission of samples and analytical reagents.

As municipal and industrial wastewater treatment becomes more specialized and complex, precise allocation of chemicals and product transfer operations are essential.

water treatment industry use our pump to complete sampling work, take full advantage of peristaltic pump easy to clean, small size, low cost, convenient to carry, etc. with the perfect combination of water treatment equipment, greatly reduce maintenance cost…… 

One of our customer use our model SG600LC/YZ35 to transfer the sewage to the Biofilm reaction cell 

CR peristaltic pump for Water treatment       CR peristaltic pump for Water treatment

   Peristaltic pump for automated water mixing machine 
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