Veterinary preparations filling with peristaltic pump

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Veterinary drug

With the continuous development of pharmaceutical technology, peristaltic pumps are increasingly used in the preparation and filling of veterinary drugs.

CR industry intelligent distribution type peristaltic pump adopts color liquid crystal, which is displayed in Chinese and English.
The animation displays the running status in real time, and the liquid flow and motor speed are displayed on the same screen.
With intelligent calibration function, it can calibrate flow or dispense liquid volume, ensure flow accuracy, and is suitable for high-precision liquid transfer.
Can store 9 groups of filling data for users

Remote control can be connected by connecting a foot switch or receiving a switch signal
Suitable for non-polluting, high-precision filling liquids with a filling accuracy of ±0.5%

Super anti-interference characteristics, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment 
Circuit board spraying three anti-paint process, dust, moisture, anti-static, anti-corrosion.

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