Syringe pump for electrospinning

Syringe pump for electrospinning

electro spinning syringe pump

The syringe pump uses a screw-rod linear motor as the actuator to achieve linear reciprocating motion. The purchased high-voltage power supply has an external control port for easy control. The system adopts PLC as the controller, and combines the man-machine interface to adjust the injection pump, the receiver and the high-voltage power supply to realize the control of the electrospinning process.

Application of electrospinning technology

With the development of nanotechnology, electrospinning, as a simple and effective new processing technology for producing nanofibers, will play a huge role in biomedical materials, filtration and protection, catalysis, energy, optoelectronics, food engineering, cosmetics and other fields. 
1 In the field of biomedicine, the diameter of nanofibers is smaller than that of cells, which can simulate the structure and biological function of natural extracellular matrix; most tissues and organs of humans are similar in form and structure to nanofibers, which are used for tissue of nanofibers. And the repair of organs provides the possibility; some electrospun raw materials have good biocompatibility and degradability, can enter the human body as a carrier, and are easily absorbed; in addition, electrospun nanofibers have large specific surface area and porosity. Such excellent characteristics, therefore, it has attracted the attention of researchers in the field of biomedicine, and has been well applied in drug controlled release, wound repair, biological tissue engineering and so on.

2 The filtration efficiency of the fiber filter material increases as the fiber diameter decreases. Therefore, reducing the fiber diameter becomes an effective method for improving the filtration performance of the fiber filter material. In addition to its small diameter, electrospun fibers have the advantages of small pore size, high porosity and good fiber uniformity, which make it have great application potential in gas filtration, liquid filtration and personal protection.

3 Electrospun fibers can effectively regulate the fine structure of fibers, combined with low surface energy materials, can obtain materials with super hydrophobic properties, and are expected to be applied to the outer shell of ships, the inner wall of oil pipelines, high-rise glass, automotive glass and so on. However, in order to realize the application in the above self-cleaning field, the electrospun fiber material must be improved in strength, wear resistance, and the bonding fastness of the fiber membrane material to the matrix material.

4 The catalyst particles with nanostructures are easy to agglomerate, thereby affecting the dispersibility and utilization rate. Therefore, the electrospun fiber material can be used as a template to uniformly disperse, and at the same time, the flexibility and ease of operation of the polymer carrier can be exerted. The surface composition of the catalytic material and the polymer micro-nano size can be used to generate a strong synergistic effect and improve the catalytic efficiency.

5 Electrospun nanofibers have a high specific surface area and porosity, which can increase the area of ​​interaction between the sensing material and the detected object, and is expected to greatly improve the performance of the sensor. In addition, electrospun nanofibers can also be used in energy, optoelectronics, food engineering and other fields.

Syringe pump for electrospinning
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