peristaltic pump for Tumescent Anesthesia

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Tumescent Anesthesia, also known as Tumescenttechnique, is a method of local anesthesia.

The definition of swollen anesthesia is to infiltrate into subcutaneous adipose tissue by ultra-low concentration, high-dose, large-volume local anesthetic (currently used lidocaine) as an anesthetic method for liposuction.

Swelling anesthesia was first proposed by Klein in 1987. It is also called “over-perfusion anesthesia”. A large amount of solution containing adrenal and lidocaine is stably perfused into the skin through a peristaltic pump, causing edema and cell tissue gap in the subcutaneous tissue and its structure. The small blood vessels are separated and pressed to be locked, thereby achieving the effects of local anesthesia, pain relief, hemostasis, and tissue separation.
Swollen anesthesia can be used as a separate local anesthesia or combined with general anesthesia or regional anesthesia.

The advantage of peristaltic pump in swelling anesthesia:
1,esay operated , non contamination 
2, foot pedal control ,safety & reliability
3,adjustable speed and left/right direction optional
4,Power-down memory function
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