Peristaltic pump dosing machine for pharmaceutical additives

Peristaltic pump dosing machine for pharmaceutical additives

peristaltic pump dosing machine for pharmaceutical additives

This product is especially suitable for the quantitative automatic addition of various types of mine beneficiation chemical flotation reagents (such as xanthate, amine xanthate, sodium sulfide, second oil, copper sulfate, oleic acid and other foaming agents, collectors, regulators). And metering, also applicable to the quantitative automatic addition of liquid cyanide and other drugs in cyanide operation.


(1)The medicine inlet of peristaltic pump dosing machine is inserted from the top of the medicine box into it, and dosing medicine self-absorbed. Therefore, it is not affected by the pressure of the drug tank and the viscosity of the medicine, and the microcomputer control to 1 ml. Which can be the most accurately control the dosage of pharmaceuticals, to obtain the best pharmaceutical additives. Also minimize the drug consumption, access to the best economic and technical indicators.


(2) In the continuous production process, according to the required dosage, evenly add the one minute’s needed dosing dosage equal distributed in a minute. So that the pharmaceutical and pulp are full reacted. This method of dosing can be better to improve the hydrophobicity of minerals, improve the recovery rate; reduce the inhibition of bubble particles surface to competing adhere, improve the floating probability of floating minerals, but also improve the quality of the concentrate.


(3) Through rotating peristaltic pump roller to transport the liquid with peristaltic pump tubing , the liquid is only flowing in the hose, not to be touched with the machine parts, to avoid the liquid touching with the machine directly. Special dosing design, the dosing machine is more suitable for adding strong acid and alkali of corrosive liquid.


(4) Wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant hose, a long life, easy to replace and so on. Hose material through rigorous selected, adopting non-toxic, acid and corrosion resistance of PTFE synthetic materials. As long as the use of the hose according to the operating instructions, according to the actual feedback on the scene, the hose life is 8-10 months to replace once.


(5) Dosing calibration is simple, long-term use does not require repeated calibration, only need to be calibrated once after the device is installed. After the calibration procedure is carried out according to the operating instructions, the machine automatically records the calibration result. Once again change the dosage is no need to calibrate, control accuracy can reach 1 ml.



Second, suitable range


Can be used for non-ferrous metal concentrating factory, metallurgy, quantitative additives, precise quantitative filling, etc. for automatic control, statistical occasions.


For example: for the automatic addition of mineral processing flotation agents; such as xanthate, amines, sodium sulfide, No. 2 oil, copper sulfate, oleic acid and other places which are needed to add liquid quantitative control automatically.



Third, main technical performance


(1) One machine can control 1-99 plus liquid points (1-99 dosing machine), each of the liquid points can be easily and independently start/stop or adjust the flow value.


(2) Liquid volume range of each liquid point is 0-100000/min, according to the actual requirements of each point to select a larger dose.


(3) The minimum amount of liquid is 1ml/min.


(4) Adding liquid error <1% (when the amount of liquid is 1-10000ml/min).


(5) The whole power supply is AC220V; host and monitor power consumption are 60W.


(7) Temperature: -25 ℃~+55 ℃.


Operation shows that the device performance is good, stable and reliable, to meet the needs of mineral processing technology, reach the design requirements. It has a good effect to improve the labor intensity of the workers, protect the health of workers and reduce the consumption of pharmaceuticals.

Peristaltic pump dosing machine for pharmaceutical additives

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