Peristaltic pump for reaction kettle

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      In order to reduce the labor intensity of chemical experiments ,a peristaltic pump feeding method is proposed .The peristaltic pump is applying
     characteristic and advantage in the chemical reaction process are described in details to show the feasibility of the peristaltic pump’s application
     in the chemical reaction process .


As we all know, the chemical reaction has a certain risk, which requires the experimenter must have a certain degree of experimental quality and operational level.
In the reaction reactor to add the reaction of raw materials, also need to accurately operate, the operator's labor intensity. The use of peristaltic pump feed,
can replace the traditional test mode under a large number of manual operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the experimental staff, improve the efficiency of the
experiment and the output efficiency of scientific research.

Application Advantages of Peristaltic Pump in Chemical Reaction

The use of peristaltic pump instead of manpower in the chemical reaction process to the reactor feeding, has the following advantages:


1. peristaltic pump in the process of pumping raw materials, raw materials only in the hose flow, not with the pump contact, to avoid the pump on the
raw material pollution, reduce the impact of chemical reaction impurities. At the same time, it will not damage the mechanical components of the peristaltic pump
due to the corrosive nature of the raw materials

2. Peristaltic pump start, no need to pump, self-priming ability, can produce enough vacuum suction material from the raw material into the hose to the hose,
which can adjust the length of the hose to make the installation of the peristaltic pump flexible ,

3. Peristaltic pump structure is simple, adaptable, suitable for conveying high viscosity, large proportion of the reaction solution.

4. The pump itself is free of leakage, no sealing and other special requirements, put an end to the leakage of chemical raw materials caused by the loss and pollution.
When the pump stops, the wheel itself acts as a valve to prevent backflow.

5. The function of peristaltic pump is sensitive, the suction is stable, can be controlled for continuous pumping of chemical raw materials, can also be used for
automated management.

6. Peristaltic pump flow high precision, easy to achieve trace and ultra-fine pumping, add liquid and drip. In a variety of raw materials for delivery and preparation of
quantitative accuracy, simple and reliable.

7. Each raw material pot by a peristaltic pump independent control, the raw material pumping do not interfere with each other, easy to synthesize various
proportions of the solution

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