Peristaltic pump for Fermentation tanks


OEM205/TH15 for Fermenter tank 

Fermentation tanks are widely used in industrial production. Various experimental fermentation tanks and large-scale production fermentation tanks are widely used in industrial production.
These fermentation tanks play an important role in biological fermentation. Fermentation tanks need to be added and supplemented by peristaltic pumps in each process of production.
Trace elements or catalysts are used to control the properties of fermentation broth. These supplementary substances are used to control the fermentation process accurately.
The accuracy of the added trace elements will greatly affect the progress of the fermentation process and the quality of the finished products.

Usually all kinds of pumps are used to add liquid automatically and continuously. Peristaltic pump is widely used in fermentor.
The delivery precision and long-term reliable operation of peristaltic pump determine the stability and reliability of the output liquid, so it also plays a particularly important role in the fermentation
process. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following problems when choosing a peristaltic pump for fermentor.

1, the type of liquid transportation and the matching and compatibility of peristaltic pump pipes.

2. Pay attention to the material of peristaltic pump head and shell, the corrosion and influence of organic solvent and acid-base in industrial environment on peristaltic pump shell and material

3,the rationality and quality of the design of peristaltic pump itself.

4. Matching the flow rate of peristaltic pump with that of fermenter, choosing the peristaltic pump with low speed as far as possible to improve the service life of pump tube and peristaltic pump.

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