Peristaltic pump for Coating machine


Peristaltic pump for Coating machine 

The wetting agent or adhesive in the granulation process and the coating agent liquid in the coating process all need to be sprayed by atomization.
The atomization ability of spray gun of general granulator and coating machine is very adjustable. It is very important to maximize the production
efficiency to adopt appropriate liquid flow rate.

Due to the diversity of raw materials and accessories, it is difficult to set a unified standard of liquid flow, which generally needs to be mastered by
experience and determined by experiments; this requires that the flow rate of the adding pump (peristaltic pump) can be adjusted accurately and broadly.
As a result of hygiene requirements, in addition to the replacement of liquid, in the daily production process also need to be regularly added liquid pump
(peristaltic pump) cleaning, disinfection. Because the coating agent is usually mixed by a variety of materials, and usually contains a certain amount of particles,
this also puts forward special requirements for the pump.

The peristaltic pump only contacts the hose, only needs to change the hose simply to meet the hygienic requirements. It can transfer the liquid containing
particulate matter. It also has a wide flow regulation ability and high flow accuracy. The peristaltic pump is the best choice for the coating machine.

Model : BT600FJ with YZ1515x or YZ2515x
Channel : 1/2 optional
Max flow : 2280 ml/min External
control : with 4-20 mA Application : coating machine

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