Chemical flotation reagent dosing peristaltic metering pump for mineral processing in various mines

Chemical flotation reagent dosing peristaltic metering pump for mineral processing in various mines

The mining industry use our industrial peristaltic pump to large flow production applications, and can be used with the central control system, effectively reduce the maintenance costs

The characteristics of the new peristaltic pump dosing machine are as follows:

(1) The medicine inlet of the dispensing machine is inserted into the medicine box from the top of the medicine box, and the peristaltic pump is self-priming,
 so it is not affected by the pressure and viscosity of the medicine box. With the microcomputer control, the precision of the medicine is 1 ml. Thus, the dosage
of medicament can be controlled accurately and the best reagent adding system can be obtained. It also reduces the consumption of drugs and obtains the
best economic and technical indicators.

(2) In the continuous production process, according to the required dosage, the dosage needed to be added in a minute is evenly distributed in a minute of uniform
dosage. Fully reacting the reagent and pulp. This method can better improve the hydrophobicity of minerals and improve the recovery rate; reduce the competitive
adhesion of restrained particles on the surface of bubbles, improve the floating probability of plankton minerals, and improve the quality of concentrates.

(3) The peristaltic pump dosing machine uses a rotating roller to make the hose convey the liquid. The conveyed liquid only flows in the hose and does not contact
with the parts of the dosing machine, thus avoiding the direct contact between the liquid and the dosing machine. The special dosing design is a corrosive liquid
which is more suitable for adding strong acid and strong alkali.

(4) peristaltic pump hoses are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant hoses with long service life and easy replacement. The material of the hose is strictly selected by
peach, and it is nontoxic, acid resistant and corrosion-resistant. As long as the hose is used according to the operating instructions, the service life of the hose is changed
once every 8-10 months according to the actual feedback from the site.

(6) Peristaltic pump dosing calibration is simple and easy, long-term use does not need repeated calibration, only need to be calibrated once after the equipment is installed.
After the calibration of the operation instructions of the dosing machine, the dosing machine automatically records the calibration results. When the dosage is changed again,
no calibration is needed, and the control accuracy can reach 1 milliliters.

2. The scope of application can be used in non-ferrous metal concentrators, metallurgy, quantitative additives, accurate quantitative filling and other automatic control,
statistics occasions. For example: for the automatic addition of mineral flotation reagents; such as xanthate, amine xanthate, sodium sulfide, No. 2 oil, copper sulfate,
oleic acid and other places need to add liquid quantitative automatic control.


Three, main technical performance

1) A peristaltic pump dosing machine can control 1-99 filling points (1-99 dosing machine), each filling point can be easily opened and stopped independently or adjust the flow value.

2) The liquid volume of each filling point ranges from 0 to 100000/min, and a larger dosage can be selected according to the actual requirements of each point.

3) the minimum liquid volume is 1ml / min.

4) the addition error is less than 1% (when the liquid volume is 1-10000m1 / min).

5) the power of the whole machine is AC220V; the power consumption of the host and display is 60W.

6) the ambient temperature is -25 +55 C.

The operation shows that the device has good performance, stability and reliability, can meet the needs of mineral processing technology and meet the design requirements.
It has a good effect on improving the labor intensity, protecting the health of workers and reducing the consumption of drugs.

The advantages of peristaltic pump are as follows:

(1) the accuracy is high and the error is about 0.5%.

(2) Each peristaltic pump has its own LCD display screen, which can display the information of the flow rate, time and operation type of the pump, and has the function of local/remote switching.

(3) Linear addition of reagents, the effluent of reagents is silk flow or as a drop, realtime and uniform reagent addition, is good for the stability of flotation process.

(4) Infinite expansion of the system: DP communication cable links are used between the peristaltic pumps and the control system, and then the dosing point is added to connect the
communication cable directly without laying control cables or adding PLC cards.

(5) The failure rate of the system is low, and the cost of maintenance is low. The pipeline is made of imported materials, and only a small pump head is needed to replace the pipeline regularly.

Basic parameters

Measurement add range: 3-12000ml/min

Control accuracy: 0.5%

Extension of adding point: DP communication, unlimited

Remote / in place: each dosing point can be controlled remotely / locally.

Chemical flotation reagent dosing peristaltic metering pump for mineral processing in various minesChemical flotation reagent dosing peristaltic metering pump for mineral processing in various mines
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