Peristaltic filling pump for pharmaceutical industry


Filling equipment in the pharmaceutical industry to meet the premise of filling accuracy, the first thing to have is a high level of hygiene, and also easy to clean and disinfect.
Peristaltic pump is the most hygienic product in the filling principle and equipment currently known. Because the liquid does not contact with the pump body, only flow in the
peristaltic pump tubing, peristaltic pump in the health level has a great congenital advantage.

At present, plunger pumps are widely used in the liquid filling industry, mainly because of high accuracy and good retention. But the plunger pump is a sanitary dead end, it is
easy to disinfect or wash not thoroughly, resulting in batch products mixed with undesirable substances. Although the peristaltic pump has a high hygienic grade zui, the elasticity
of the hose will change due to the fatigue of the hose, which will affect the filling accuracy. Therefore, if the peristaltic pump with high hygiene level and high filling accuracy of
plunger pump can be combined, it will be the development direction of medical filling industry. Only by improving the filling accuracy of peristaltic pump and keeping its accuracy
for a long time, can peristaltic pump completely replace plunger pump in the medical filling industry, which requires a breakthrough in the structure and measurement methods
of peristaltic pump. CR Peristaltic Pump has been working on the development of new peristaltic pumps, and it is believed that peristaltic pumps will have a wider market in the near future.

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