Peristaltic pump for Biopharmaceutical

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Peristaltic pumps have low shear force, which can ensure the integrity and activity of biological molecules when pumping bioactive substances.

Peristaltic pump replacement hose is simple and convenient, in the laboratory, the transfer of different solutions, only by a simple replacement to
meet the hygiene level of hose, can avoid cross-contamination between different solutions.

The flow of peristaltic pump can be adjusted manually, and the flow of filtering system can be adjusted automatically by receiving the control signal
from the external controller to ensure that the system pressure is within the allowable range.

Tangential flow filtration is one of the technologies of pressure filtration / membrane filtration. In the traditional dead-end filtration technology,
the flow direction of the filtrate is perpendicular to that of the membrane. Most of the small molecules pass through the membrane, while the large
molecules gather on the surface of the membrane.

In tangential flow filtration, the flow direction of filtrate is parallel to and perpendicular to the filtration direction. A small number of small molecules
pass through the membrane, and the macromolecules are taken away from the surface of the membrane. With the increase of time, the amount of
particles accumulated on the membrane surface is limited, which does not affect the filtering speed and effect.

Tangential flow filtration technology is commonly used in the production of biological products, blood products and vaccines.

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