Peristaltic pump for Chemical mechanical polishing

Peristaltic pump for Chemical mechanical polishing

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Chemical mechanical polishing refers to the use of polishing machine, polishing fluid, polishing cloth and other processes under certain conditions to achieve
high surface flatness of the processing process, in which the supply of polishing fluid by the peristaltic pump to complete.
Polishing fluid is a kind of water-soluble polishing agent without any sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine additives. The polishing fluid has good degreasing,
rust prevention, cleaning and polishing properties, and can make metal products show real metallic luster. Stable performance, non-toxic, no pollution to
the environment and so on.
Type of polishing liquid :Polishing agent for silicon material / Sapphire polishing fluid / Gallium arsenide polishing solution / Lithium niobate polishing solution
Germanium polishing solution / Integrated circuit multiple copper wiring polishing fluid / Integrated circuit barrier polishing fluid

Most of the polishing fluid can be transferd by our CR peristaltic pump . 

The peculiar structure of the peristaltic pump, which separates the pumping fluid from the pump body strictly, and the pump pipe and the pump head can be
replaced at any time, make the advantages of the peristaltic pump in the chemical polishing process very obvious.

(1) Non-pollution: in the chemical polishing process, the polishing fluid conveyed by CR peristaltic pump is always flowing in the pump tube, not contacting the
pump body, especially not contacting the mechanical transmission mechanism, avoiding metal pollution in the process of chemical mechanical polishing, but
also not damaging the mechanical components of the pump body due to the corrosiveness of the polishing fluid.

(2) Self-priming ability: CR peristaltic pump can produce enough vacuum suction to suck polishing fluid from the night pool into the pump pipe during the
working process, thus eliminating the pre-filling process of pump and suction pipe. This also eliminates the need for submerged filling, so it is no longer necessary
to place the pump below the liquid source level, making the installation position of the pump more flexible and better integrated with the polishing machine itself.
Besides, the water in the peristaltic pump will not be lost, so it can avoid unnecessary stopping.

(3) Simple operation: CR peristaltic pump operation is very simple, pump pipe installation, disassembly, locking can be carried out at any time according to
requirements. Besides, the peristaltic pump is simple to control, and the speed control can be carried out by using the speed control knob or the operation
panel. In addition, according to different flow requirements can also be a peristaltic pump at the same time 2 or 3 pump heads in series,
to achieve a multi-channel supply of polishing fluid.



1. LED industry

At present, the substrate material of LED chips is sapphire, which needs to be thinned and polished in the process of processing. The hardness of
sapphire is very high, and ordinary abrasive is difficult to process. After the sapphire substrate is thinned and roughened with diamond grinding
fluid, some large or small scratches are unavoidable. CMP polishing fluid has achieved the precision polishing of sapphire surface by using the
principle of "soft grinding and hard". With the rapid development of LED industry, the demand for polycrystalline diamond grinding fluid and
silica sol polishing fluid is increasing.

2. semiconductor industry

CMP technology is also widely used in the polishing of silicon wafers in integrated circuits (IC) and ultra large scale integrated circuits (ULSI).
With the rapid development of semiconductor industry, new requirements have been put forward for polishing technology. Although traditional
polishing technology (such as selective deposition and sputtering based on deposition technology) can also provide "smooth" surface, they are all
local planarization technology, which can not achieve global planarization, and chemical mechanical polishing technology solution. To solve this
problem, it is the only technology that can flatten the whole wafer completely at present.

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