Tripod Lab Liquid Support Peristaltic Pump Filling Stand/Filling stand - Stand

Quick description
No. of channel:1~4
Material: ABS+304SSS,And that stand can be combined according to your requirements .
1. Accurate measurement and ration feedstock it could reach highest precision.
2. Transfer viscous liquid.
3. In food and medical care via changing the tube and material.
Commercial Dishwashing / Chemical Dispensing-Vending Machine / Post Mix Syrups- Beverage Dispensing / Dispense juice chocolate etc. Refrigeration / Condensate Removal-Analytical / Fluid Transfer Wastes-Commercial Exercise Eqpt. / Lubrication-Grease Trap Control / Timed Dispense of Enzymes-Fluid Sampling / Water Sampling DC Powered-Water Conditioning / Chlorination/PH control.
1.As a result of the structure in the form of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced nylon, which is corrosion and acid properties greatly improved, long-term work at a high concentration solution of salt and most organic solvents environment.

2. Another feature of nylon jig is particularly suitable for holding glassware. Traditional metal clamp clip not only solid, but also likely to cause damage to glassware. For this reason, modern metal fixture head is often coated with a softening polyethylene or put rubber tubes, and these materials are neither high temperature and easy to aging, this series of fixtures can overcome these shortcomings. Nylon jig can withstand 160 ℃ high temperature and has good flame retardancy, while its right amount of elasticity of the clamp to use very reassuring, you do not have to worry about damage to glassware, and only a small force can be securely locked containers.
3. Light weight, good stability after supporting a combination of the overall structure.
4. Due to plastic than metal injection molding it is easy to control, and therefore, the accuracy and structure complexity nylon jig components are greatly improved, so that the nylon jig many features and reliability over the metal fixtures.
5. Novel structure, attractive appearance, can be used to clean any cleaning lotion.
6.Nylon jig used dye penetration among the entire plastics, surface coatings and shedding fade problem does not exist, so that products can maintain long-term bright colors. If the product is soiled during use, it can be used to clean any cleaning lotion after cleaning the product bright as ever. Selection SMN series, will always have a new laboratory beautiful visual effects.

Material: ABS+304SSS,And that stand can be combined according to your requirements .


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1. What's the application of the pump? Bottle filling or constant transfer? 
2. What kind of liquid you will transfer? Does it corrosive? Does it can flow as water?
3. For constant transfer what's flowrate you need? (ml/min) 
4. For bottle filling what's your bottle's volume? (ml) How many bottles you want to filling in 1 min?
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Model Suitable tube model No. of channel
SVN1 13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 
17# 18# 15# 24#
SVN2 2
SVN3 3
SVN4 4
BVN1 35# 36# 73# 82 # 1
BVN2 2

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