Professional Supplier Of Peristaltic Pump Head YZ1515x For Fermentation Cylinder/YZ1515x YZ2515x

YZ1515x YZ2515x




Transfer lab food canning liquid canning etc

The plastic housing of YZ1515x,YZ2515x type of pump head is made of PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide ether) materials, so its rigidity and structure are more excellent. Its strong capabilities of baring high temperature and erosion, especially the excellent performance in the aspects of strong chemical resistance such as resisting organic solvent, effectively reducing the damage rate of the pump heads and the customers' cost in maintaining and reparing. 

Housing Material
Roller Material
stainless steel
13# 14# 19# 16#
25# 17# 18#
stainless steel
15# 24#


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In order to help you choose the most suitable pump pls kindly help us to confirm the following details in first tks in advance!

1. What's the application of the pump? Bottle filling or constant transfer? 

2. What kind of liquid you will transfer? Does it corrosive? Does it can flow as water?

3. For constant transfer what's flowrate you need? (ml/min) 

4. For bottle filling what's your bottle's volume? (ml) How many bottles you want to filling in 1 min?

Pls kindly inform us the above answers or most details if u can and then we will choose the best pump and tube for u. 
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