Food Grade Peristaltic Pump Silicone Tubing/Silicon tube

Silicon tube




1. Accurate measurement and ration feedstock it could reach highest precision.
2. Transfer viscous liquid.
3. In food and medical care via changing the tube and material.


Model type: 13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 17# 18# 15# 24# 35# 36# 73# 82# etc.


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In order to help you choose the most suitable pump pls kindly help us to confirm the following details in first tks in advance!

What's the application of the pump? Bottle filling or constant transfer? 

2. What kind of liquid you will transfer? Does it corrosive? Does it can flow as water?

3. For constant transfer what's flowrate you need? (ml/min) 

4. For bottle filling what's your bottle's volume? (ml) How many bottles you want to filling in 1 min?

Pls kindly inform us the above answers or most details if u can and then we will choose the best pump and tube for u. 

Tube material: Platinum vulcanized silicone.

1. The best way to select a tube is that to decide which materials are chemically suitable at first and then choose the one which best meets the physical demands of the application.
2. For maximum tube life use a large bore tube at low speed. For maximum flow rate use the largest tube at maximum speed. For maximum accuracy use a small bore tube at maximum speed.
3. Suction lift depends on the tube restituting fully before the advance of the next roller. If it does not the flow rate will be reduced. For maximum suction lift or pressure use the smallest practicable bore size of tubing and run the pump at the slowest possible speed.

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